Re: quirks

From: Mario Marietto <>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2023 16:48:18 UTC

Exactly. This is valid even in the scenario that I'm going to explain.
I would like to allow the passthru of an nVidia gpu to a Windows VM
(virtualized with bhyve).
Infact after one month of research we (me,an humble bugs hunter,soft system
administrator and developers recruiter) in collaboration with Corvin
Kohne and some other developers we have found the technical reasons why a
modern nvidia gpu if passed through inside a windows 10 / 11 vm
produces the error 43 (actually the error 12 after having added some new
features). It happens because it misses "line interrupts support for
passed through devices" ; actually there is the need of a massive change
inside the bhyve source code. I'm collaborating with one hypervisor
developer and a qemu/kvm/haxm advanced developer to reach that goal. To
achieve the goal will be a very step forward for bhyve and for all the
BSD community. We have an external,affiliated github and all the changes
we made go inside it first of all and only later,maybe much later,some
of them will go inside the official bhyve source code. But we want to
have this experimental feature in a reasonable amount of time,not in
many many years.i There is a partial INTx support missing in bhyve and
it is an important feature already implemented in qemu a lot of time
ago. Bhyve can't miss it. Passing thru an AMD and an NVIDIA modern GPU
card inside a Windows VM will expand the number of tasks that can be
done in FreeBSD using Windows as an intermediate medium. I'm interested
in the development of bhyve. Not only to the passthru. I'm trying to
help to improve bhyve trying many combinations and looking for bugs.
I would really like it if one nvidia gpu can be passed to a windows 10 vm,
First of all because I like challenges. I like to break the limits that do
not allow users to freely use many functions connected to the purchased
item. And second,I like everything that sounds geek / geekish that I
can assemble and disassemble like legos,to understand how it works
"inside". Unfortunately I'm not a developer. But I've found some very
competent programmers who want to collaborate and I'm trying to find
others to start working on this project. On november 2021,with the
collaboration of Corvin Kohne and Peter Grehan,we have been able to
pass through
succesfully an nvidia graphic card inside a linux os,as u can see
below,may people demonstrate appreciation :

On Sat, Mar 11, 2023 at 5:46 PM Souji Thenria <>

> On 3/11/23 16:43, void wrote:
> > What are 'quirks', how are they applied, why, where can I read up about
> > them, are they documented?
> Hey tia,
> I have found this []:
> FreeBSD drivers make every attempt possible to support the standards
> behind hardware. Where possible and not in conflict with the standard,
> they also attempt to work around hardware which doesn't strictly
> conform. However, some devices have flaws which can't be worked around
> while keeping the driver compatible with the standard. For these
> devices, we have created a quirks mechanism to indicate to the driver
> that it must avoid certain commands or use them differently with a
> specific model and/or version of hardware. This document focuses on
> identifying and committing quirks for storage hardware involving CAM and
> UMASS but is applicable to other areas.
> Based on that, quirks are just identifiers for the driver, to compensate
> for non-standard hardware implementations.
> --
> Souji Thenria