Re: quirks

From: Souji Thenria <>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2023 16:45:44 UTC
On 3/11/23 16:43, void wrote:
> What are 'quirks', how are they applied, why, where can I read up about 
> them, are they documented?

Hey tia,

I have found this []:

FreeBSD drivers make every attempt possible to support the standards 
behind hardware. Where possible and not in conflict with the standard, 
they also attempt to work around hardware which doesn't strictly 
conform. However, some devices have flaws which can't be worked around 
while keeping the driver compatible with the standard. For these 
devices, we have created a quirks mechanism to indicate to the driver 
that it must avoid certain commands or use them differently with a 
specific model and/or version of hardware. This document focuses on 
identifying and committing quirks for storage hardware involving CAM and 
UMASS but is applicable to other areas.

Based on that, quirks are just identifiers for the driver, to compensate 
for non-standard hardware implementations.

Souji Thenria