Re: GSoC 2023 project ideas

From: Alexander Chernikov <>
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2023 11:39:17 UTC
[adding bz@ and mmokhi@ to the cc]
> On 8 Mar 2023, at 09:19, obiwac <> wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm a CS student from Belgium and I'm interested in participating in
> Google Summer of Code as a FreeBSD contributor. I've been using
> FreeBSD for a bit over two years and I've already upstreamed a few
> patches over that time, but I'd like to give back in a little more of
> a meaningful way :)
That’s awesome!
> More specifically, I was thinking of proposing work on the Linux KPI
> for compiling network drivers on FreeBSD once the applications open
> (see SummerOfCodeIdeas:
> I see netlink was the subject of a previous SoC project by Sean Ng
> (and their mentor melifaro@), so it would seem at least some part of
> this has already been done. Would someone potentially be interested in
> mentoring such a project (perhaps mmokhi@ or melifaro@)? Is there
> maybe something you'd like to add on top of what's currently on the
> ideas page wrt to this?
Netlink indeed landed in FreeBSD 13/14.
I’ll leave the reply to Bjoern as he certainly have more context on the improvement opportunities in the LinuxKPI space.

> I'm posting this message is mostly to gauge overall interest in this
> idea in particular or if I'd be better off focusing my efforts on
> something else... Personally I'd be very interested in working on this
> if only for personal use, but maybe there's something I'd be equally
> interested in which is more useful to more people ;)
> Kind regards,
> Aymeric