GSoC 2023 project ideas

From: obiwac <>
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2023 09:19:59 UTC

I'm a CS student from Belgium and I'm interested in participating in
Google Summer of Code as a FreeBSD contributor. I've been using
FreeBSD for a bit over two years and I've already upstreamed a few
patches over that time, but I'd like to give back in a little more of
a meaningful way :)

More specifically, I was thinking of proposing work on the Linux KPI
for compiling network drivers on FreeBSD once the applications open
(see SummerOfCodeIdeas:

I see netlink was the subject of a previous SoC project by Sean Ng
(and their mentor melifaro@), so it would seem at least some part of
this has already been done. Would someone potentially be interested in
mentoring such a project (perhaps mmokhi@ or melifaro@)? Is there
maybe something you'd like to add on top of what's currently on the
ideas page wrt to this?

I'm posting this message is mostly to gauge overall interest in this
idea in particular or if I'd be better off focusing my efforts on
something else... Personally I'd be very interested in working on this
if only for personal use, but maybe there's something I'd be equally
interested in which is more useful to more people ;)

Kind regards,