Re: Call for Foundation-supported Project Ideas

From: Jason Bacon <>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 13:48:34 UTC
On 11/24/21 01:42, Dave Cottlehuber wrote:
> 1. updated kmod ports for point releases.
> we should be able to ship an x+1 RELEASE*and*  have the appropriate kmod ports available at the same time. I know that unplanned API breakage is rare, but when it does happen, its absolutely brutal for end users.


The drm-kmod breakage with 12.x presented a big hurdle for 
desktop-installer.  I added a temporary workaround to build the kmod 
from source during both initial setup and updates with 
auto-update-system.  This was really ugly and slow and goes against my 
general policy of not covering up underlying bugs.  But I had to make an 
exception in this case in order for desktop-installer to be useful at all.

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