Re: Call for Foundation-supported Project Ideas

From: Dave Cottlehuber <>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 07:42:56 UTC
On Tue, 23 Nov 2021, at 22:41, Joseph Mingrone wrote:
> Hello FreeBSD community,
> The Foundation is seeking suggestions for new projects to support.  What
> gaps in the Project are not being addressed by the broader community?
> You can read about past Foundation-supported projects at
> and the Foundation's
> four main areas of focus in the 'Technology Roadmap' article at
> Right now we are gathering ideas.  We will send out a call for project
> grant proposals soon.  If you prefer to send your project ideas directly
> to the Foundation, we will be monitoring responses at
> --
> Joe (with Foundation hat on)

Some new ideas.

1. updated kmod ports for point releases.

we should be able to ship an x+1 RELEASE *and* have the appropriate kmod ports available at the same time. I know that unplanned API breakage is rare, but when it does happen, its absolutely brutal for end users.

2. a decent ports CI

At least for committers, and for regular maintainers, we should be able to have some common-sense pre-commit build checks done at least on tier 1 architectures easily without human intervention.

3. jail creation and usage as non-root

nuff said.

4. more programmable/scriptable configs

I would love to see FreeBSD be the programmable server environment.

- libxo all the things
- more stuff like libifconfig libpf libzfs -- "lib-ify" all the things
- UCL all the things