Re: crashes

From: Gary Jennejohn <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2021 09:12:37 +0200
On Fri, 25 Jun 2021 17:53:39 -0700
Craig Leres <> wrote:

> On 6/24/21 5:45 PM, Stefan Blachmann wrote:
> > I'd suggest to ditch the packaged drivers (nvidia-driver-...) and try
> > using the nvidia driver from the nvidia driver site.
> > You have to build and install them according the README in the archive.
> > 
> > The packaged drivers have some changes that are not approved by nvidia.
> > This can cause problems, for example with suspend/resume.  
> Good idea. I downloaded/built/installed 460.84... and was able to crash Xorg within 60 seconds of launching it. And looking at what the nvidia-driver port patches, they seem mostly related to allowing use without having the linux framework present.
> On 6/24/21 8:54 PM, Fernando Apestegu__a wrote:
>  > Long shot, but libglvnd update affected x11/nvidia-driver. Have a look
>  > at UPDATING 20210617  
> I noticed the switch from the bundled libglvnd to the port version but I was having crashes well before that change (June 16th). Looking for Xid errors in /var/log/messages I think I started having this problem on May 25th.

This raises a question for me.

I have nvidia-driver 460.67 built Thu Mar 11 00:03:14 UTC 2021 installed
and working without any problem.

I disabled Linux support in the port config.

On my system libglvnd is not to be found anywhere outside the ports tree,
i.e. the shared library was never installed under /usr/local.

So, why is this library suddenly being required for nividia-driver?

Gary Jennejohn
Received on Sat Jun 26 2021 - 07:12:37 UTC

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