Re: heads up - BEAM ports purge in PR263694

From: Dewayne <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2022 00:53:09 UTC
Hi Dave,
A lot to unpack.  Yes we struggled getting things to work, this might've
been before rebar entered the scene.  It was messy and unpleasant, but
erlang manages our machines.  Your email prompted me to investigate
rebar and friends, hence my email indicating some of my discoveries :)

I'm happy that you're taking the time to understand your user-base's
needs, but I would not want you to spend any time accommodating folks
that haven't kept up with the changes in the erlang space.  Given the
availability of erlang applications via other means, the ports system
though convenient, its the value is mainly to let folks know what is
directly supported on FreeBSD.  A maintained webpage (perhaps under would achieve this.

And yes, I use rust to build suricata and have no knowledge of "cargo".
 So much to do, so little time. ;)

Kind regards, Dewayne.