maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 256408] devel/efl: efreetd crashes with "Abort trap", thus application menu icons disappear

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Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2021 09:15:59 +0000
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Bug 256408: devel/efl: efreetd crashes with "Abort trap", thus application menu
icons disappear

--- Description ---
I have discovered a pretty major bug in efl which affects efreetd and in turn
affects enlightenment. It happens when a large number of icons or theme
resources / assets are installed into /usr/local/share/... The efreetd daemon
crashes with "Abort trap" error message when run from a users terminal. It
causes the application menu icons to disappear, partially or fully. It can also
cause an error message about efreetd (cache) not connecting with a timeout. It
also causes problems with the initial enlightenment prompts with a fresh .e

I have a good solution that I have a patch for an immediate fix, until I make a
PR with the upstream efl project. I'd like to hear the thoughts of the FreeBSD
enlightenment team before I engage with them.

Steps to reproduce:
Install any major KDE app like Dolphin, Gwenview, Okular etc. Or specifically
kf5-breeze-icons. Then run efreetd as a regular user from a TTY (no X sessions

I have a more thorough description of the problem on the FreeBSD Forums:

The patch is attached.

Is it possible to get an enlightenment port revision with this patch out the
door ASAP. I have been running it in production on my media-centre for almost 2
weeks now, no issues. Everything else seems fine, the performance seems to be
as good if not better than the same version of Enlightenment/EFL on Manjaro
Linux (very similar hardware).

It's a pretty urgent bug fix. I am new to enlightenment and loving it now. But
I very nearly turned my back on it an use KDE instead, before even giving it a
chance. If I had known it would take me 2-3 solid weeks to find the bug I never
would have started. This is not just personal time, it is work time that I
would not be spending, had I known how long it would take. It only took about 5
mins to fix once I found the problem, but that's usually how it goes with
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