Re: VirtualBox Remote Instance

From: Kevin Oberman <>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2021 01:19:53 UTC
On Sat, Nov 27, 2021 at 2:33 PM Sysadmin Lists <>

> > From: Derek Schrock <>
> > FYI, pkg info has -x that will allow you to filter packages from the
> > regex pattern given to -x:
> >
> >   pkg info -x virtualbox
> Thanks. I know `pkg' has a ton of aliases and features, but using them
> often enough to remember them when they're useful is another story. That
> awk code is useful in a wide range of situations. I use `awk' to grep more
> often than I use `grep' to grep.
> grep virtualbox == awk '/virtualbox/'
> > This sounds as if it's an issue with the local X server running or
> > you're just not waiting long enough for the Qt window to appear.  For
> > example trying to run xterm via a VPN back to from home machine over the
> > Internet takes ~10 seconds.  Is this running X11 Forwarding via a local
> > LAN or WAN?  If WAN give it more time?  If you gave it enough time I'd
> > guess it's back to the local X server.
> LAN. I've let it sit there for close to 10-minutes before and nothing
> changed. It's not a time-out or timing issue.
> > I might recommend using net/xrdp instead of X11 Forwarding or use
> > www/phpvirtualbox with VNC if you need console access.
> Since it's on a LAN, I've been using unsecured VNC connections just fine.
> It's a good workaround, but not a solution.
> > I've seen too many issues over the past couple years with applications
> > not working correctly via X11 Forwarding to just stop using it other
> > than simple applications.
> If it's affecting that many applications, perhaps freebsd-questions@ has
> seen this problem before and can suggest a potential fix.
> Thanks for looking into it.
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I find an easier way to do this without the aliases, grep, or awk is:
ptavv> pkg info virtualb\*
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