Re: VirtualBox Remote Instance

From: Derek Schrock <>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2021 23:34:47 UTC
> ~:$ pkg info | awk '/virtualbox/ {print $1}'
> virtualbox-ose-6.1.26_3
> virtualbox-ose-additions-6.1.26_1
> virtualbox-ose-kmod-6.1.26

FYI, pkg info has -x that will allow you to filter packages from the
regex pattern given to -x:

  pkg info -x virtualbox
> Here's the problem:
> When running VirtualBox over SSH with X11-forwarding, I'm unable to start windowed virtual machines from the GUI. A window comes up saying "Creating process for virtual machine '...' (GUI/Qt) ... (1/2)" and nothing happens.
> - VMs start fine using the "Headless Start" menu option.
> - VMs fail to start using "Normal" or "Detachable" menu options.
> - VMs start fine using any of the three options locally (on the VMs host).
> Here's the kicker: 
> If I'm logged in on the VM's host, both "Normal" and "Detachable" work over SSH. What is causing that, and how can I fix it so I don't have to be logged in locally on the host to start windowed instances remotely?

This sounds as if it's an issue with the local X server running or
you're just not waiting long enough for the Qt window to appear.  For
example trying to run xterm via a VPN back to from home machine over the
Internet takes ~10 seconds.  Is this running X11 Forwarding via a local
LAN or WAN?  If WAN give it more time?  If you gave it enough time I'd
guess it's back to the local X server.

I might recommend using net/xrdp instead of X11 Forwarding or use
www/phpvirtualbox with VNC if you need console access.

I've seen too many issues over the past couple years with applications
not working correctly via X11 Forwarding to just stop using it other
than simple applications.

> More details:
> I've enable the following ExtraData items on the VM, but nothing comes up while waiting for the failed windowed session to start:
> setextradata burp GUI/Dbg/Enabled true
> setextradata burp GUI/Dbg/AutoShow true
> I've also tried running the windowed VM instance directly without result:
> ~:$ ssh "virtualboxvm --startvm burp --debug-command-line"
> Furthermore, log-outs hang on the VM's host if a windowed instance of the VM is running over SSH.