Re: Killing the vbox alias, or making it something different

From: Kubilay Kocak <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 02:10:27 UTC
On 25/06/2021 11:26 am, Philip Paeps wrote:
> On 2021-06-25 05:51:06 (+0800), wrote:
>>> On 06/23/2021 11:06 AM Baptiste Daroussin <> wrote:
>>> I am saying vbox is an alias for emulation@ and nothing else, why not 
>>> directly
>>> assign to emulation@ then?
>> Hmm.  I think it didn't use to be -- that it was an actual alias for a 
>> list of individual
>> email addresses.
>> Again, if it can wait for a few days for bugmeister to deply a 
>> mass-change-with-no-email
>> feature, that would be nice.

It's coming but its absence does not preclude re-assignment at present.

Let us know what needs changing once we figure out whats actually needs 
changing. (modulo below)

> I went digging through the mail-svn logs.
> On 2013-10-16 decke@ requested vbox@ to be forwarded to emulation@ 
> because he was the only active person left on the alias.

This changed a while, but not that long ago.

Please update the vbox@ alias to the following recipients:

> It sounds like the alias only continues to exist to catch mail for where 
> it's referenced.  Changing the references to emulation@ seems like it 
> was the intended way forward 8 years ago.

There's been some ambiguity with respect to vbox / emulation / 
virtualization addresses and what they've been, and/or *should*, be used 

We need to clarify that again, before any changes are made:

vbox: MAINTAINER for virtualbox ports and issues

emulation: MAINTAINER for linux emulation and qmu ports [1] and 
mailing-list for same/similar

Note: emulation / vbox are different "teams" sets. the fact that 
emulation goes to a mailing list and isn't as *explicitly* a "team" or 
specific set of maintainers (people), is the main source of ambiguity here.

virtualization: default assignee, cc for bhyve, xen, aws, vmware etc 
issues and mailing list for same/similar

> I'm sure we can wait a while for bugmeister to deploy their change, 
> mass-reassign and delete the alias.
> Philip