[Bug 261349] Modernise hier(7)

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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2023 13:45:30 UTC

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hier.7 rendered

I can see that we've diverged slightly in some ways mdoc.7 and style.mdoc.5 are
silent about, but hopefully you can overlook (or appreciate!) them and the
additional content upstreamed in some form. If nothing else, this is what I'm
doing, because "This manual page documents the default FreeBSD file system
layout". To me that implies no intentional omission in the spirit of this

There are some things I listed with no description because I didn't have a good
description yet. Since the 14 alpha was released, I feel the need to share this
in it's present state so that as much of it as everyone is willing to use can
be available for new users in the release.


zapped synopsis because it isn't a synopsis describing the command line

/var/log/messages absolutely must be listed guys, even you don't like my
description and pick another, people new to unix-style systems do try freebsd
all the time. If nobody tells you, it can take a very long time to realize
there is a syslog everything is writing to. They are told to read man hier
immediately upon logging in, so the inclusion of /var/log/messages in this
document is quite serious.

I used the term "BSD heritage" to describe the ancient artifacts in games and
inetd, I think this is sets appropriate expectations for what they are if
someone doesn't know.

I know it's non-traditional to put the year in front of the release in history,
but I'm 27 and that small addition makes young people realize something

Thank you for your time.

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