Re: Posting netiquette: HTML, attachments etc.

From: grarpamp <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 07:35:29 UTC
> FreeBSD Handbook: Appendix C: updates and corrections
> I'm glad that HTML is supported.

No, people should not be sending HTML emails to lists.
Consult history of email netiquettes to discover the many why's.

> Also, I want support for things such as PNG.

Attachments are not necessarily against such netiquettes,
but rightly tend to be administratively size limited.

> What is the possibility of getting the/a "netiquette" link in
> the FreeBSD Mailinglist footer that is already appended to all
> the messages?

There is no such footer appended to the lists, because they're bloat.
Their aims usually better done at first via signup, in quarterly, and
via the occaisional involuntary and accepted friendly cluebat.

> we are dealing with real people working with the email
> clients available to them in 2022

Same arguments was made in 1982 1992 2002 etc, and the netiquette
won validity for good reasons and is still taught trained and disciplined.
September and 2022 are no reason to abandon oneself
from those responsibilities rites and rituals of computing.

Incapable and misconfigured email list software and archives
and search are separate issues from the sending netiquette.

Yes all mail since inception of FreeBSD is supposed
to be integrated and available in raw form here...

rsync -nHaxi

...for all the good reasons mentioned previously on the lists.
Though it needs maintenance work, and also more published
on the list info webpages / handbook that were noted earlier.