[Bug 263476] Document how to build a full release

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2022 19:16:31 UTC

--- Comment #3 from Mark LaPointe <mark@cloudbsd.org> ---
I will start off by stating that "read the man page" really isn't a proper line
of thinking here. Otherwise there wouldn't be a need or desire for a handbook.

The handbook is hand holding, and I think that hand holding that is of value. I
should not need to state this.

Yes, I've read the man page for release(7), at the same time I think that the
handbook doesn't come full circle and is incomplete without a section on how to
build a release. 

There is a section on building ports, there is a section on customizing a
kernel, but no section on building and possibly customizing a release.

Now this section in the handbook doesn't need to be something in great detail,
just something to give a taste. Then make references to the developers and
other handbooks for people to dig deeper.

I think that this is a missing section in the handbook, and an opportunity to
add value to the handbook.

Now there are other ways that custom images could be accomplished (vm image
templates), but I am also looking at how GhostBSD, helloSystem (Based off the
late FuryBSD's build script), and other release derivatives are created and
seeing that there is a gap and thinking that they could be done better, and
that this area needs more attention, and quite possibly some work to have a
better solution within the release building process.

Adding this section for use in custom deployment environments, with just enough
information on how to make a custom release image with extra packages installed
by default, like with some of the cloudware images (that may also be a feature
request to expand), or a more tailored release that has more kernel features
beyond the GENERIC configuration, or removes features that are of no use, less
than GENERIC/LINT, but more than MINIMAL kernel configurations.

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