Re: Volunteering to migrate & retire

From: <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2021 15:01:14 UTC
> On 06/08/2021 11:55 AM Gaelan Lloyd <> wrote:
> Hello, I’d like to volunteer to lead a project to merge content from
> into

Cool.  I remember talking to Jim Salter several years ago, but we never
agreed on what to do next.

> Since I’m new here, I’d need a few things in order to start:
> (1) help getting in touch with the right people to discuss the project
> and get approvals, (2) an overview of the FreeBSD wiki property and
> organizational structure, and (3) ability to bulk import content (or
> access to someone who can help me with that).

So the team that's in charge is  You can find us
over on #freebsd-wiki on Libera.Chat on IRC, or use the email.

Right now FreeBSD is having a DevSummit so this may not happen for the next
few days.

One thing to note that is (originally) was a developers-only
wiki.  In the last few years we have also welcomed non-developers.  But it
somewhat remains developer-centric.

So there is overlap but not completely.  IMHO I need to go back to the content
of _this_ wiki and think about how best to proceed.