Volunteering to migrate & retire freebsdwiki.net

From: Gaelan Lloyd <gaelan_at_fastmail.fm>
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 2021 16:55:24 UTC
Hello, I’d like to volunteer to lead a project to merge content from
www.freebsdwiki.net into wiki.freebsd.org.

Jim Salter, that wiki’s owner, is looking to transfer ownership of the
wiki to someone else.  I thought consolidating the content from his wiki
into the official FreeBSD wiki made more sense.  I’ve spoken with Jim
and he’s on board with the idea.

Jim’s wiki has 660 articles (I’ve listed the topics here to give you
a fast overview:
Growing the official FreeBSD wiki by adding this content would have many

I assume your team wouldn’t want to do a bulk import of content without
some sort of prior review (as some of the content may be out of date),
and I have some ideas that can help reduce the complexity of
the migration.

One idea to speed up the project and reduce burden on your team is to
do a quick high-level scan and review of article topics, find ones
worth keeping, then upon importing those add a banner saying something
like, “Content possibly out of date, needs review/improvement.”
That way there’s no need to edit each article up front and the wiki
community in general can help review and improve the articles over
time.  The banners can be removed as the articles are validated by
the community.

I’d like to volunteer to do the bulk of the migration work and
coordinate the project between stakeholders on both sides.  I’m a
full-stack web developer by profession and have done many projects like
this in the past.  My experience, organization, and project management
skills can be an asset here.  

Since I’m new here, I’d need a few things in order to start:
(1) help getting in touch with the right people to discuss the project
and get approvals, (2) an overview of the FreeBSD wiki property and
organizational structure, and (3) ability to bulk import content (or
access to someone who can help me with that).

Would this migration be something your team would be interested in
pursuing with me?  I’d be happy to produce a more detailed project
plan, lead discovery and planning meetings, and answer any questions
you may have.  I’m excited to discuss this project more get a chance
to work with your team on projects like this and more in the future.

Gaelan Lloyd