Re: FreeBSD Documentation Portal status and review request

From: Rocky Hotas <>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2021 19:03:26 UTC
On dic 04  0:30, Sergio Carlavilla wrote:
> Hi to all and thanks for your feedback :)

Hi :)!

> Rocky Hotas:
> > - A dark theme would be very useful (and also very cool!).
> Just uploaded, also a high contrast theme too. Take a look and let me
> know your toughts :)

The dark theme is very, very good :). The dark grey background is
excellent and I like the smooth transition to the black panels with code
like this one:


(there is very little contrast with the background and this looks good
to me).

The main issue I think it's the color of the panels in link [5]: they
are the same as in the Light theme, but they are too bright for the dark
theme. You can consider some darker alternatives (less "aggressive") for
them. Also the black circles in link [6] are barely visible in the dark
theme, so consider giving them a different color.

I think the high-contrast theme is very good (and in this case the panels
in link [5] and the circles in link [6] are ok!), but maybe Pau Amma could
provide the best feedback and advices.

> > - The whole page uses sans-serif fonts, except for the `Note', `Warning' and similar panels.
> > This seems mismatched. Why not to use a sans-serif font also there?
> Are you referring to this[5]?

Yes, exactly!

> > - There is a very high contrast with the background when using the black-filled circles
> > with numbers in a code block. Maybe replace black with a different color?
> Are you referring to this[6]?


> > - The `Download PDF' and `Edit this page' links currently are not working.
> Sorry, this is "normal", we will activate this functionality in the
> FreeBSD machines.

Oh, that's ok.

> > - The typewriter font used in-line and also in the emulated black screen rectangles
> > is too little in comparison to the main text font.
> Can you please provide a link to an example of this?

For example:


``started by running $command with command-line flags specified by
$mumbled_flags''. `$command' and `$mumbled_flags' are very small with
respect to the text.

> Bye to all and thanks for your feedback, it's really appreciated :)

Thanks to you for this huge work!