Re: FreeBSD Documentation Portal status and review request

From: Sergio Carlavilla <>
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 23:30:33 UTC
Hi to all and thanks for your feedback :)

I'm gonna answer all of you in this email. I'm gonna copy your name
and then I'll answer you.
And of course, sorry for the delay in the answer.

I also uploaded a new version[1] with some improvements in the UX and the
dark theme and high contrast theme.

Fernando ApesteguĂ­a:

> The "community" link seems broken. It points to

This is correct, it's a bug, this should be removed and when this
section it's ready activated again.

> Font size at the fourth level of the titles seems a bit small to me.
> See the size difference between:

You're right, I'm gonna take a look at this and upload a new version
with this fix.

> My last question is about Algolia. I'm not familiar with it. Why do we
> plan to use it? What does it provide that Google or Duck Duck Go do
> not?

Before using this I'm gonna take a look at [2] and [3] and Baptiste
Daroussin gave me the advice to take a look at this [4].



> We can let the trademark/copyright part be more formal and different
> from the rest of the text.

Yes, of course, maybe we can make the font bolder or increase the size.


Rocky Hotas:

> - A dark theme would be very useful (and also very cool!).

Just uploaded, also a high contrast theme too. Take a look and let me
know your toughts :)

> - The font for titles of chapters and sections is too much bold.
> Lower level subsections, like `14.2.1. Preventing Logins', are instead ok.

Fernando also pointed out a problem with the headings too, I'll try to
improve this.

> - The whole page uses sans-serif fonts, except for the `Note', `Warning' and similar panels.
> This seems mismatched. Why not to use a sans-serif font also there?

Are you referring to this[5]?

> - There is a very high contrast with the background when using the black-filled circles
> with numbers in a code block. Maybe replace black with a different color?

Are you referring to this[6]?

> - The `Download PDF' and `Edit this page' links currently are not working.

Sorry, this is "normal", we will activate this functionality in the
FreeBSD machines.

> - The typewriter font used in-line and also in the emulated black screen rectangles
> is too little in comparison to the main text font.

Can you please provide a link to an example of this?


Pau Amma:

I just uploaded a dark theme and a high contrast theme. I'll try to create a low
contrast theme.


Joseph Mingrone:

> One minor thing that I would miss would be the single page versions

Yes, this is intencional, to save bandwidth, in the final version it
will be available.

Bye to all and thanks for your feedback, it's really appreciated :)