lightdm maintainership

From: Guido Falsi via desktop <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 2021 21:53:23 +0200
Hi all!

Recently maintainership for lightdm ports has been put back to the pool 
for personal reasons.

I am keeping the xfce ports updated it is an optional dependency of the 
xfce port and a common choice for a display manager.  In fact it is what 
I usually suggest if asked about it.

I have been thinking of taking maintainership as myself or as xfce_at_ for 
x11/lightdm and x11/lightdm-gtk-greeter since I use them and they are a 
common choice for xfce and I use them.

Before doing this I thought, since I bet they are a common choice for 
other desktop environment users as well, if it would be more appropriate 
to assign them to desktop_at_. Any thought on this?

Also I can't remember rules for implicit approval to desktop_at_maintainer 
ports. Are people from kde_at_ xfce_at_ gnome_at_ (etc.) automatically included?

Guido Falsi <>
Received on Sun May 23 2021 - 19:53:23 UTC

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