Dependancy Failure open-vm-tools-nox11

From: David Powers via desktop <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 2021 20:56:29 UTC
Good afternoon,

I am having a bit of an issue building open-vm-tools or open-vm-tools-nox11 as of late on several 12.2 boxes as well as a fresh 13 box.
I was unable to turn up anything from searching through the mailing list and forums.
I am sure that I am missing something quite obvious, but getting hung on a configure failure for Cairo.

[dnpowers@davebsdrepo /usr/ports/emulators/open-vm-tools-nox11]$ /usr/local/sbin/pkg-static info -g -Ea
autoconf-2.69_3                Automatically configure source code on many Un*x platforms
autoconf-wrapper-20131203      Wrapper script for GNU autoconf
automake-1.16.3                GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator
bash-5.1.8                     GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell
binutils-2.33.1_4,1            GNU binary tools
bison-3.7.6,1                  Parser generator from FSF, (mostly) compatible with Yacc
ca_root_nss-3.63               Root certificate bundle from the Mozilla Project
cmake-3.20.2                   Cross-platform Makefile generator
curl-7.76.1                    Command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs
dialog4ports-0.1.6             Console Interface to configure ports
docbook-1.5                    Meta-port for the different versions of the DocBook DTD
docbook-sgml-4.5_1             DocBook SGML DTD
docbook-xml-5.0_3              DocBook XML DTD
docbook-xsl-1.79.1_1,1         XSL DocBook stylesheets
expat-2.3.0                    XML 1.0 parser written in C
fontconfig-2.13.93,1           XML-based font configuration API for X Windows
freebsd-release-manifests-20210413 FreeBSD release manifests
freetype2-2.10.4               Free and portable TrueType font rendering engine
gettext-runtime-0.21           GNU gettext runtime libraries and programs
gettext-tools-0.21             GNU gettext development and translation tools
glib-2.66.7_1,1                Some useful routines of C programming (current stable version)
gmake-4.3_2                    GNU version of 'make' utility
gmp-6.2.1                      Free library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
gperf-3.1                      Generates perfect hash functions for sets of keywords
help2man-1.48.3                Automatically generating simple manual pages from program output
indexinfo-0.3.1                Utility to regenerate the GNU info page index
intltool-0.51.0_1              Tools to internationalize various kinds of data files
iso8879-1986_3                 Character entity sets from ISO 8879:1986 (SGML)
jbig2dec-0.19                  Decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format
jbigkit-2.1_1                  Lossless compression for bi-level images such as scanned pages, faxes
jpeg-turbo-2.0.6               SIMD-accelerated JPEG codec which replaces libjpeg
jsoncpp-1.9.4                  JSON reader and writer library for C++
libXau-1.0.9                   Authentication Protocol library for X11
libXdmcp-1.1.3                 X Display Manager Control Protocol library
libarchive-3.5.1,1             Library to create and read several streaming archive formats
libdrm-2.4.105,1               Userspace interface to kernel Direct Rendering Module services
libedit-3.1.20210216,1         Command line editor library
libepoll-shim-0.0.20210418     Small epoll implementation using kqueue
libffi-3.3_1                   Foreign Function Interface
libgcrypt-1.9.2_1              General purpose cryptographic library based on the code from GnuPG
libgpg-error-1.42              Common error values for all GnuPG components
libiconv-1.16                  Character set conversion library
libidn-1.35                    Internationalized Domain Names command line tool
liblz4-1.9.3,1                 LZ4 compression library, lossless and very fast
libnghttp2-1.43.0              HTTP/2.0 C Library
libpaper-              Library providing routines for paper size management
libpciaccess-0.16              Generic PCI access library
libpthread-stubs-0.4           Weak aliases for pthread functions
libtextstyle-0.21              Text styling library
libtool-2.4.6_1                Generic shared library support script
libunwind-20201110             Generic stack unwinding library
libuv-1.41.0                   Multi-platform support library with a focus on asynchronous I/O
libxcb-1.14_1                  The X protocol C-language Binding (XCB) library
libxml2-2.9.10_3               XML parser library for GNOME
libxslt-1.1.34_1               The XSLT C library for GNOME
llvm10-10.0.1_5                LLVM and Clang
lua52-5.2.4                    Small, compilable scripting language providing easy access to C code
m4-1.4.18_1,1                  GNU M4
mesa-libs-20.2.3               OpenGL libraries that support GLX and EGL clients
meson-0.57.1_1                 High performance build system
mpdecimal-2.5.1                C/C++ arbitrary precision decimal floating point libraries
mpfr-4.1.0                     Library for multiple-precision floating-point computations
nasm-2.15.05,1                 General-purpose multi-platform x86 and amd64 assembler
nginx-1.20.0_1,2               Robust and small WWW server
ninja-1.10.2,2                 Small build system closest in spirit to Make
p5-Locale-gettext-1.07         Message handling functions
p5-Locale-libintl-1.32         Internationalization library for Perl
p5-Text-Unidecode-1.30         US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text
p5-Unicode-EastAsianWidth-12.0 East Asian Width properties
p5-XML-Parser-2.44             Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser, expat
pciids-20210426                Database of all known IDs used in PCI devices
pcre-8.44                      Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
perl5-5.32.1_1                 Practical Extraction and Report Language
pixman-0.40.0_1                Low-level pixel manipulation library
pkg-1.16.3                     Package manager
pkgconf-1.7.4,1                Utility to help to configure compiler and linker flags
png-1.6.37_1                   Library for manipulating PNG images
poudriere-3.3.6                Port build and test system
py38-Babel-2.9.1               Collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications
py38-CommonMark-0.9.1          Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec
py38-Jinja2-2.11.2_1           Fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine
py38-alabaster-0.7.12          Modified Kr Sphinx theme
py38-beaker-1.11.0             Session and Caching library with WSGI Middleware
py38-certifi-2020.12.5         Mozilla SSL certificates
py38-cffi-1.14.5               Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code
py38-chardet-3.0.4_3,1         Universal encoding detector for Python 2 and 3
py38-cryptography-3.3.2        Cryptographic recipes and primitives for Python developers
py38-cython-0.29.21_1          Compiler for Writing C Extensions for the Python Language
py38-docutils-0.17.1           Python Documentation Utilities
py38-future-0.18.2             Clean single-source support for Python 3 and 2
py38-idna-2.10                 Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
py38-imagesize-1.2.0           Get image size from png/jpeg/jpeg2000/gif file
py38-mako-1.0.14_1             Super-fast templating language in Python
py38-markupsafe-1.1.1_1        Implements XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
py38-openssl-20.0.1            Python interface to the OpenSSL library
py38-packaging-20.9            Core utilities for Python packages
py38-pycparser-2.20            C parser in Python
py38-pygments-2.7.2            Syntax highlighter written in Python
py38-pyparsing-2.4.7           General parsing module for Python
py38-pysocks-1.7.1             Python SOCKS module
py38-pystemmer-         Snowball Stemming Algorithms for Information Retrieval
py38-pytz-2021.1,1             World Timezone Definitions for Python
py38-recommonmark-0.5.0_2      CommonMark bridge for docutils and Sphinx
py38-requests-2.22.0_2         HTTP library written in Python for human beings
py38-setuptools-44.0.0_1       Python packages installer
py38-six-1.16.0                Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
py38-snowballstemmer-2.1.0     Snowball stemming library collection for Python
py38-sphinx-3.5.2,1            Python documentation generator
py38-sphinxcontrib-applehelp-1.0.2 Extension which outputs Apple help books
py38-sphinxcontrib-devhelp-1.0.2 Sphinx extension which outputs Devhelp document
py38-sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp-1.0.3 Sphinx extension which renders HTML help files
py38-sphinxcontrib-jsmath-1.0.1 Sphinx extension which renders display math in HTML via JavaScript
py38-sphinxcontrib-qthelp-1.0.3 Sphinx extension which outputs QtHelp document
py38-sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml-1.1.4 Sphinx extension which outputs serialized HTML files (json and pickle)
py38-urllib3-1.25.11,1         HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more
python38-3.8.10                Interpreted object-oriented programming language
readline-8.1.0_1               Library for editing command lines as they are typed
rhash-1.4.1                    Utility and library for computing and checking of file hashes
screen-4.8.0_3                 Multi-screen window manager
sdocbook-xml-1.1_2,2           "Simplified" DocBook XML DTD
sudo-1.9.6p1                   Allow others to run commands as root
swig-4.0.2                     Generate wrappers for calling C/C++ code from other languages
tcl86-8.6.11_1                 Tool Command Language
texinfo-6.7_5,1                Typeset documentation system with multiple format output
tiff-4.3.0                     Tools and library routines for working with TIFF images
wayland-1.19.0                 Wayland composite "server"
wayland-protocols-1.21         Wayland protocols
xcb-proto-1.14.1               The X protocol C-language Binding (XCB) protocol
xmlcatmgr-2.2_2                SGML and XML catalog manager
xmlcharent-0.3_2               XML character entities
xorg-macros-1.19.3             X.Org development aclocal macros
xorgproto-2021.4               X Window System unified protocol definitions
zstd-1.4.9                     Fast real-time compression algorithm
[dnpowers@davebsdrepo /usr/ports/emulators/open-vm-tools-nox11]$ 
[davebsdrepo][                                                                                (0*$ bash)                                                                                ][05/19/21  3:51 PM]


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