Re: wlan0 no longer functional after n249128-a0c64a443e4c -> n249146-cb5c07649aa0

From: Cy Schubert <>
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2021 22:47:27 UTC
In message <>, Filipe da Silva Santos writes:
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> > I'll have more questions later (need to start working on another job) but=
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> > I'd like to learn more about your configuration to understand why it work=
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> > at boot for myself and phlip@ and not for you and the others here on=20
> > -current who have experienced the same issue. Understanding what triggers=
> =20
> > this will go a long way to resolving it.
> Hello, Cy,
> I have a Intel AC 3168 and can reproduce both problem and solution.
> I'd love to help with testing and info with the new version.

Can you also try the security/wpa_supplicant and security/wpa_supplicant-dev
el ports, both without the ifconfig mitigation patch? This will more than 
confirm that this is an upstream problem and not in the FreeBSD Makefiles. 
This would be of great help as I cannot reproduce the problem at boot but 
after boot using service netif (which the old wpa_supplicant 2.9 also had).

An additional confirmation that the -devel port has the same problem would 
help a lot.

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