Re: wlan0 no longer functional after n249128-a0c64a443e4c -> n249146-cb5c07649aa0

From: Filipe da Silva Santos via current <>
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2021 21:21:31 UTC
> I'll have more questions later (need to start working on another job) but 
> I'd like to learn more about your configuration to understand why it works 
> at boot for myself and phlip@ and not for you and the others here on 
> -current who have experienced the same issue. Understanding what triggers 
> this will go a long way to resolving it.

Hello, Cy,
I have a Intel AC 3168 and can reproduce both problem and solution.

I'd love to help with testing and info with the new version.


Filipe da Silva Santos <>
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