Re: zpool upgrade and bootcode on 13-RELEASE

From: Graham Perrin <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 2021 00:46:46 UTC
On 20/05/2021 00:13, Michael Gmelin wrote:
>> On 20. May 2021, at 00:18, Graham Perrin <> wrote:
>> …
> Given that I upgraded the zpool of a server that boots of a legacy 
> boot partition, how would the red alert box saying
>    "Updating UEFI ESP partitions (the partition the firmware boots 
> from) has changed. SeeBoot Loader Changes 
> <>for important 
> details."
> have caught my attention? No UEFI involved at my end, no zpools 
> involved in the warning (I noticed the absence of the warning after 
> running "zpool upgrade", so no harm done, but other users might be 
> less fortunate).
> -m

In a lucky situation: a red alert for changes to something other than 
the freebsd-boot partition might, obliquely, cause the reader to wonder 
about changes to the freebsd-boot partition that are not classified as 
changes for release note purposes :-)

That's with a smile, no personal criticism intended, because I am 
<> amongst 
the people who misinterpreted part of the release notes.

For anyone who's not following that particular bug (for the command, the 
action of upgrading a pool), there's a parallel bug for the FreeBSD 

255318 – handbook: Document how to update the bootloader

Add <> to the mix.

Eventually we should have a handbook, a manual page and an action that 
are reasonably foolproof. Free from fortune, luck, obliqueness and 
wonder :-)