Fwd: Information for freebsd-current@FreeBSD.org

From: Matthias Apitz <guru_at_unixarea.de>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 15:39:04 UTC
Is this a phishing attack or did I missed some change in the FBSD
mailing lists?


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Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 15:00:41 +0000
From: freebsd-current+owner@FreeBSD.org
To: freebsd-current@FreeBSD.org
Subject: Information for freebsd-current@FreeBSD.org

Hi, this is the Mlmmj program managing the <freebsd-current@FreeBSD.org>
mailing list.

Here is some information about the list.

You can subscribe to the following versions:

- The normal version: Every time a post is sent to the list, subscribers
  receive a copy of it. Subscribe by emailing

- The digest version: Subscribers receive multiple posts in a single mail
  message, at regular intervals, or when a lot of posts have accumulated.
  Subscribe by emailing <freebsd-current+subscribe-digest@FreeBSD.org>.

- The no-mail version: Subscribers do not receive any posts to the list.
  This means, though, they are able to post to a list which only
  subscribers may post to, while they follow the list using a web archive
  or another subscribed email address. Subscribe by emailing

Unsubscribe by emailing <freebsd-current+unsubscribe@FreeBSD.org>.

Posts are made by emailing <freebsd-current@FreeBSD.org>.

However, only subscribers may post to the list.

The list also has access rules which may affect who can post and which
posts are moderated.

Subscribers can retrieve message number N from the list's archive by
sending a message to <freebsd-current+get-N@FreeBSD.org> (change the N to
the number of the desired message).

You can retrieve the frequently asked questions document for the list by
sending a message to <freebsd-current+faq@FreeBSD.org>.

To contact the list owner, send a message to

----- End forwarded message -----

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