[Bug 269912] nvmecontrol ns create command fails on FreeBSD 13.1

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Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2023 13:10:33 UTC

Sebastian <sko@rostwald.de> changed:

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--- Comment #12 from Sebastian <sko@rostwald.de> ---
Stuck here with the same (?) problem:

# nvmecontrol ns create -s 34359738368 -c 34359738368 -f1 nvme0
nvmecontrol: namespace creation failed: Invalid Format

No matter if/what '-f' or which other arguments I specify, all 'nvmecontrol ns
create' ever returns is "Invalid Format"

NS info from another (identical) drive:

# nvmecontrol ns identify -n1 nvme1
Size:                        3750748848 blocks
Capacity:                    3750748848 blocks
Utilization:                 0 blocks
Thin Provisioning:           Not Supported
Number of LBA Formats:       2
Current LBA Format:          LBA Format #00
Data Protection Caps:        Not Supported
Data Protection Settings:    Not Enabled
Multi-Path I/O Capabilities: Not Supported
Reservation Capabilities:    Not Supported
Format Progress Indicator:   0% remains
Deallocate Logical Block:    Read 00h, Write Zero
Optimal I/O Boundary:        0 blocks
NVM Capacity:                1920383410176 bytes
Preferred Write Granularity: 8 blocks
Preferred Write Alignment:   8 blocks
Preferred Deallocate Granul: 8 blocks
Preferred Deallocate Align:  8 blocks
Optimal Write Size:          8 blocks
Globally Unique Identifier:  000000000000000100a0752134194a0b
IEEE EUI64:                  00a0750134194a0b
LBA Format #00: Data Size:   512  Metadata Size:     0  Performance: Good
LBA Format #01: Data Size:  4096  Metadata Size:     0  Performance: Best

Tested with 13.1-RELEASE and 13.2-RC1.

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