From: George Mitchell <george+freebsd_at_m5p.com>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2021 21:49:01 UTC
I've never been shy about oversimplifying complex questions, so here
goes: What's the ARM system that presents the least hassle to a
prospective FreeBSD user?  Here's what I mean by low hassle:

1. Widely available.
2. Runs some standard FreeBSD image with minimal (or no) tweaking.
3. I suspect ARM64 means less hassle than ARM32.
4. Friendly to an external high-speed (at least USB 3; possibly SATA?)
5. Hopefully 8GB on-board memory, though 4GB is probably okay if high
    speed swapping is available (see point 4).
6. Affordable, but not cheap.

And next on my Santa list ...                            -- George