Re: U-Boot for HoneyComb LX2

From: Dmitry Salychev via freebsd-arm <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2021 15:36:34 UTC
(well, I had to configure DKIM long ago... done finally)

Personally, I'd be glad to use any bootloader which provided a firmware for
DPAA2 MC. I checked SolidRun's script [1] to build a UEFI image briefly and
didn't find anything about MC firmware, DPL or DPC. However, similar script
with U-Boot [2] has them written to the resulted image:

	# DPAA2-MC at 0x5000
	dd if=$ROOTDIR/build/qoriq-mc-binary/lx216xa/${MC} of=images/${IMG} bs=512 seek=20480 conv=notrunc

	# DPAA2 DPL at 0x6800
	dd if=$ROOTDIR/build/mc-utils/config/lx2160a/CEX7/${DPL} of=images/${IMG} bs=512 seek=26624 conv=notrunc

	# DPAA2 DPC at 0x7000
	dd if=$ROOTDIR/build/mc-utils/config/lx2160a/CEX7/${DPC} of=images/${IMG} bs=512 seek=28672 conv=notrunc

Do you know how MC is initialized in case of UEFI?