Re: [HEADSUP] making /bin/sh the default shell for root

From: Daniel Ebdrup Jensen <>
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 13:28:15 UTC
On Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 01:03:54PM +0200, Mariusz Zaborski wrote:
>+1 from me.
>On Wed, 22 Sept 2021 at 12:31, Chris Stephan <> wrote:
>> I completely agree. It will save me the ‘/bin/sh’ at the beginning of each
>> ‘su -‘ session. Also, it will simplify building extra small FreeBSD images,
>> allowing an easier removal of ‘csh’.
>> I use csh from time to time, but I do wish it would take a much more
>> explicit action so my brain has switched over to ‘csh mode’. I won’t lie
>> that I’ve pasted script into my terminal and spent time troubleshooting why
>> the commands didn’t work only to realize I forgot to change to /bin/sh
>> first.
>> Chris Stephan
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>> From: <>
>> on behalf of Baptiste Daroussin <>
>> Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2021 3:36:45 AM
>> To: <>;
>> <>
>> Subject: [HEADSUP] making /bin/sh the default shell for root
>> Hello,
>> TL;DR: this is not a proposal to deorbit csh from base!!!
>> For years now, csh is the default root shell for FreeBSD, csh can be
>> confusing
>> as a default shell for many as all other unix like settled on a bourne
>> shell
>> compatible interactive shell: zsh, bash, or variant of ksh.
>> Recently our sh(1) has receive update to make it more user friendly in
>> interactive mode:
>> * command completion (thanks pstef@)
>> * improvement in the emacs mode, to make it behave by default like other
>> shells
>> * improvement in the vi mode (in particular the vi edit to respect $EDITOR)
>> * support for history as described by POSIX.
>> This makes it a usable shell by default, which is why I would like to
>> propose to
>> make it the default shell for root starting FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE (not
>> MFCed)
>> If no strong arguments has been raised until October 15th, I will make this
>> proposal happen.
>> Best regards,
>> Baptiste

Hi folks,

      I generally speaking don't mind making the Almquist shell into the
      default shell for root in FreeBSD, especially after the many
      commits that have gone into the tree in the last while, which helps
      to make it into a shell that can be used interactively. :)

      As a tcsh user, however, I do feel like I have to point out that
      the way to tell csh apart from other shells is that its default
      unprivileged prompt is % rather than $ - though I see how that's
      not immediately obvious if you don't interact with it except when
      you're root. ;)

      (The reason I'm responding to this mesasge instead of the one that
      oshogbo@ responded to is that that one doesn't appear to have been
      received by my MUA, nor - as far as I can tell - has it been
      received by mlmmj, so I can't even grab the raw file and tell my
      MUA to use it as an mbox, for me to respond to.)

Daniel Ebdrup Jensen