FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #25151 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2024 04:35:02 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #25151 (f239db4800ee9e7ff8485f96b7a68e6c38178c3b) - Still Unstable

Build information:
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Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

cf60db6ebe516d8470d9935c380f7ecc27071a25 by noreply:
zts: add a debug option to get full test output

454c0b0e46eca93a9d6af262c41b56987b15928e by noreply:
Linux 6.8 compat: META (#16099)

35bf2584852d47a666a0ae3d1c6903c367e8f169 by noreply:
Fix: FreeBSD Arm64 does not build currently

cd3e6b4f4c5e0b514f3e76e194b2a5753264d44f by noreply:
Add zfetch stats in arcstats

f75574cbaaa1ade5bf24ab11751cbd5bc62ef7f1 by behlendorf1:
tests/quota_005_pos: use a long int for doubling the quota size

26d49fec5f862818a0410fedbba1efded0543374 by behlendorf1:
tests/quota: consistently clear quota property between tests

9f83eec03904b18e052fbe2c66542bd47254cf57 by noreply:
Handle FLUSH errors as "expected"

f4f156157de3f61e55db0429b10c63d02226e115 by noreply:
abd_iter_page: rework to handle multipage scatterlists

c183d164aa11e61dfe1f34907c1a029d75162f1d by noreply:
Parallel pool import

9b43d7ba85059d37533d42f62cbb646203fd4a94 by noreply:
Add newline to two zpool messages

cdae59e1530061cf4caa549a062994161c4383c6 by noreply:
ZTS: user_namespace_004.ksh avoid error in cleanup if unsupported

7e52795aad561ec39e76a3ef6fea9e5c254b2e16 by noreply:
ztest: use ASSERT3P to compare pointers

c346068e5efeafd5676ab1644086877173ca4226 by noreply:
zfs get: add '-t fs' and '-t vol' options

4036b8d027fb7fe1a629b08a0d23cac975ab2eb9 by noreply:
Refactor dbuf_read() for safer decryption

87d81d1d13e0ef848d2d533a4f12f5de41026e73 by noreply:
zfs-kmod: fix empty rpm requires/conflicts

1f940de07224c2068e7c721222b1f3a519820ca9 by noreply:
L2ARC: Cleanup buffer re-compression

2b676a66c00af03e4b64d072658d2478dbdf0a97 by jhb:
camcontrol: Enable WITH_NVME unconditionally

2d51a9898e26c87586ba50e71b6b3fdf1591713d by jhb:
nvmecontrol: Always build instead of being conditional on WITH_NVME

ee3187f6fa7986c6bfaa97528e050b796eaca343 by jhb:
Remove the MK_NVME build option

cbbc5770a30b6769d9d9a3a4504b81a5400a9110 by jhb:
src.conf.5: Regen after removing MK_NVME

92771bc00ad0f567b27876c34450bef7a0ee61d0 by kib:
libc: make strerror_rl() usable for libc

f887667694632c829b0599b54ff86a072e93df87 by kib:
__vprintf(): switch from strerror() to strerror_rl()

bac9d7e8f2931149815c3d5a9ab69594bbdffde6 by kib:
libc: minor style, wrap long lines

aa66995b4c804cbb579f71645d97fe282a798bfc by kib:
libc printf_render_errno(): do not use strerror()

e75a1bbc233bf112b9eb98a20ad4bdf9bc14b2cf by imp:
pow,powf(3),__ieee754_rem_pio2(f): Avoid negative integer left shift UB

ea6f2d7797c447e3c128b94ae7d825284a137600 by imp: Warn if there's no SOB line

65971073d935e8314bff8bca26d1445e9e336fce by imp:
ahc(4) clean up old Linux defines

d31b677356d74b5747814f98a5151e8ee0595399 by imp:
ahc(4)/ahd(4): target mode: cancel outstanding AIOs and INOTs

65767e6126a7e92bc76561b4ffd005cf85ba525e by imp:
sys/net/if_bridge: support non-INET kernels

93c5ba5a83d6e23329e9ca9b9ed72eea613b611d by imp:
sys/netpfil/pf: fix non-INET module build

4f8f9d708e6a4143f3b178bfab10d0a9b75ba2fe by imp:
sys: add conf/std.debug, generic debugging options

8a8daeafaf7094fd6e65f93fa4e7687591e23fc2 by imp:
sys/*/conf: do not use "../../conf/" when including std.*

14e3f2d8d3eb6f47556e59bee3e2004ac9a9d7e6 by imp:
nanobsd: Set a GPT label for EFI and cfg partitions

4f223e0da7b4a055d9416f9161b44ffed765a9c3 by imp:
release: Change vmimage EFI GPT label

cf04a7775a4e8ff6fd28c768be9daa3d83dd382e by imp:
swapon: Do not overwrite Linux swap header

91bdebc958bb0da03f604bad19f99e3b10e96ac7 by imp:
bsdinstall/distfetch.c: check environment variables before downloading

a8acc2bf5699556946dda2a37589d3c3bd9762c6 by glebius:
sockets: inherit SO_ACCEPTFILTER from listener to child

4f2ada0d88219746fdfbc0907c28b0950ad18725 by jfree:
ktrace: Describe CAPFAIL trace point in man page

f239db4800ee9e7ff8485f96b7a68e6c38178c3b by jfree:
ktrace: Remove CAPFAIL from default trace points

The failed test cases:

3 tests failed.
FAILED:  usr.bin.unzip.functional_test.test_I

Error Message:
atf-check failed; see the output of the test for details

FAILED:  sys.kern.unix_seqpacket_test.random_eor_and_waitall

Error Message:
/usr/src/tests/sys/kern/unix_seqpacket_test.c:1182: send(params->sock, &params->sendbuf[off], len, flags) == len not met

FAILED:  sys.netinet6.divert.ipdivert_ip6_output_remote_success

Error Message:
1 != 0 (1 != 0)