FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22860 - Still Unstable

From: <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 22:45:34 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #22860 (15f0b8c309dea1dcb14d3e374686576ff68ac43f) - Still Unstable

Build information:
Full change log:
Full build log:

Status explanation:
"Unstable" - some tests are suspected being broken by the following changes
"Still Unstable" - the failing test cases have not been fixed by these
                   following changes and this is a notification to note that
                   these changes have not been fully tested by the CI system

Change summaries:
(Those commits are likely but not certainly responsible)

062005122443945a5dd17c3e4edccd201dc39837 by noreply:
ZTS: Add missing tests to

aaa9a6700f98a62386fcdcb8e89cab884d616c5d by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: zhack should not declare function prototypes in main()

56c6f293c05aa52906200341e7f6384f8e48cc82 by behlendorf1:
Remove duplicate statically allocated variable

f1100863f74f1c72840b4ed264f7721f1c7fae0e by behlendorf1:
Linux: Cleanup unnecessary NULL check in __vdev_disk_physio()

ecccaede680cc2390181342e3036478fbb9915fd by behlendorf1:
zdb: Fix big parameter passed by value

ba87ed14103dd4b5e2cd40c347c4a653950ced16 by behlendorf1:
Fix potential buffer overflow in zpool command

2709ace096b8448f07537f978863ad061cc3c7da by behlendorf1:
ztest: comparisons against errno should not assign to it

d30db519af44b905fc52b8c8ba34f6378aa03470 by behlendorf1:
zdb: zdb_ddt_leak_init() reads uninitialized memory when birth == 0

f954ea26a615cecc8573bb439482d9fd88019854 by behlendorf1:
zdb: Handle theoretical buffer overflow when printing float

242a5b748cbf02001a1324f3e195df56f8f28f5a by behlendorf1:
Fix dereference after null check in enqueue_range

5f73bbba436748654bf4fd6596c9cdba1a9914f3 by behlendorf1:
Do not pass -1 to strerror() from zfs_send_cb_impl()

7bf4c97a3696663959d1891c5890b2667761dd58 by noreply:
Bypass metaslab throttle for removal allocations

5401472cd0599dda4fdf71f9ba318785cbca2025 by noreply:
Linux PPC: Fix build failures on kernels built without CONFIG_SPE

f900279e6dafeeef3398ea5c65fd174a2746a013 by noreply:
Restrict visibility of per-dataset kstats inside FreeBSD jails

e3785718bac2ee21664ad6a2b7b503f82f533425 by noreply:
Skip permission checks for extended attributes

786ff6a6cb33226b4f4292c7569b9093286f74d9 by noreply:
initramfs: Fix legacy mountpoint rootfs

d31a7cb4fa59c7a2ff39cd091643c18617b601c1 by noreply:
Address theoretical uninitialized variable usage in zstream

70ac2654f579e138d04ed747967fb0d603b0cacb by noreply:
Change ZEVENT_POOL_GUID to ZEVENT_POOL to display pool names

dc95911d21a19930848302aac9283fff68e4a41b by noreply:
zfs list: Allow more fields in ZFS_ITER_SIMPLE mode

3236c0b891d0a09475bef8b6186ac8beed792fe9 by noreply:
Cache dbuf_hash() calculation

9be34ec99ec7bb518ad508851b0e60c86bfbbd24 by noreply:
Allow receiver to override encryption properties in case of replication

f3f5263f8a9b0f8b51051698f68fbd76e181a685 by noreply:
Zero end of embedded block buffer in dump_write_embedded()

e6e31dd5406d59edaaf5a7eeebd2fb83fb86236f by noreply:
Add native-deb* targets to build native Debian packages

24502bd3a79d71b726f723ced55b0e7ccb5db840 by noreply:
FreeBSD: Remove stray debug printf

fb11b1570a473dfe864fcac71b5220a28503fa5d by hutter2:
Add color output to zfs diff.

bd9dc5a1dcc1d2ec88477af3f6f0bc8c9bdef286 by noreply:
systemd: set restart=always for zfs-zed.service

b4cd4fe1aa8c43a779a3bc2132f3772565dc4d07 by noreply:
Revert "zdb: zdb_ddt_leak_init() reads uninitialized memory..."

29e1b089c14bf0f09d16801652cd82376fa3feb2 by noreply:
Documentation corrections

018f26041d67447de28c293c35e1f664ce3c1abb by noreply:
deadlock between spa_errlog_lock and dp_config_rwlock

dc8c2f615852cb79d3c4cae6c1fb738c7f4a793c by noreply:
FreeBSD: Fix potential boot panic with bad label

c935fe2e9267b2ea6e3187e205aac019f5e0c83f by noreply:
arc_read()/arc_access() refactoring and cleanup

ed2f7ba08d0caf10bd0c8eea98fad05f2bd39f59 by noreply:
Implement uncached prefetch

bacf366fe246351db5062ae55e1d0613123bd1bc by noreply:
Hide b_freeze_* under ZFS_DEBUG

792a6ee462efc15a7614f27e13f0f8aaa9414a08 by noreply:
Update arc_summary and arcstat outputs

db832c47feac4aadceb305cd79392311cc1ec99a by noreply:
Pack zrlock_t by 8 bytes

fb000f786721204283af88ba0b76bf482704d470 by behlendorf1:
Add quotation marks around `$PATH` for deb-utils

f6f215f07f05224baff601729be7d00a64440d0d by behlendorf1:
Fix shebang for helper script of deb-utils

f25f1f90914098d3fba3082f0152c7cec824b49d by noreply:
FreeBSD: catch up to 1400077

b72efb751147ab57afd1588a15910f547cb22600 by noreply:
removal of LegacyVersion broke ax_python_dev.m4

1f3bc5ea8074dc98edbee6eb90a308b283117954 by noreply:
Illumos #15286: do_composition() needs sign awareness

8352e9dfae705c08bb9320b929b64b74d68acfd3 by noreply:
contrib: dracut: Do not timeout waiting for pw

ee6bf97c7727c118f7bbb8be4bb0eedcaca2ad35 by noreply:
ZTS: limit mmapwrite file size

a7304ab9c1ea62c556aa7d007821322afc75ff79 by noreply:
ZTS: close in mmapwrite.c

d27c81847b43584483b5509ff352e7e727b0ce87 by behlendorf1:
Linux 6.1 compat: open inside tmpfile()

556ed0953712bd94b49363c7c596d3d8000ff874 by behlendorf1:
Introduce ZFS_LINUX_REQUIRE_API autoconf macro

884a69357fe47ef317085bd05fb197a7f321e3f4 by behlendorf1:
linux 6.2 compat: get_acl() got moved to get_inode_acl() in 6.2

a0105f6cd4a663167ebd80684abfd473adb35b93 by behlendorf1:
linux 6.2 compat: bio->bi_rw was renamed bio->bi_opf

289f7e6adb58336281e87bffe853b280fc8ee498 by noreply:
Remove some dead ARC code. (#14340)

5091867ee66489012473626c5f58f3c4d66ea5f0 by noreply:
zed: add hotplug support for spare vdevs

44a78c05b3946804e98686dd5f22d57f00186547 by noreply:
libzpool: fix ddi_strtoull to update nptr

40d7e971ffc16b2ef993a6e9da40a8b3ca91ad01 by noreply:
ztest fails assertion in zio_write_gang_member_ready()

4208a052c2c9d43f6e3f6794e60419f9f636716b by behlendorf1:
ztest: update expectation for sparing a special device

f7788883ab858b097e05819c241426de84ea10eb by behlendorf1:
ztest: reduce `zpool split` frequency

549aafb7c809554fe887e0cb00d280f8e49e9f41 by behlendorf1:
ztest: ztest_dsl_prop_set_uint64() ENOSPC consistency

0c8fbe5b6adcf8a9bf8445eb2d95a3e24531b8d4 by behlendorf1:
ztest: update ztest_dmu_snapshot_create_destroy()

fc45975ec8685a6c7a14c407a44f336fbbf18e76 by noreply:
Batch enqueue/dequeue for bqueue

1f19826c9ac85835cbde61a7439d9d1fefe43a4a by noreply:
etc/systemd/zfs-mount-generator: avoid strndupa

a4b21eadec9a185a222a5e8a12d19d31e0e32b07 by noreply:
Add tunable to allow changing micro ZAP's max size

4ba3eff2a62a51e3305fa831153330bba51843f8 by noreply:
Update META to 6.1 kernel

926715b9fcf043d5302e2fe07b7f2e29a29a57b4 by noreply:
Turn default_bs and default_ibs into ZFS_MODULE_PARAMs

6f2ffd272cfd4487816174bf37c30b56a6443705 by noreply:
zpool: do guid-based comparison in is_vdev_cb()

6320b9e68e03cdf390b444693e06aaa51a49f0ca by noreply:
CI: remove unused packages/snaps

eee9362a72cfd615e40928e86d61747683dc9dc6 by noreply:
Activate filesystem features only in syncing context

80d64bb85fcfb07b9fb57ed75bf6356239632ba2 by noreply:
change how d_alias is replaced by du.d_alias

7384ec65cd6b44511f0cdf54768bfe583ce14a27 by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: Remove unnecessary explicit casts of pointers from allocators

c9c3ce79765d2f3c2714281f19dcaf711a090ac2 by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: Use kmem_zalloc() instead of memset() to zero memory

8e7ebf4e2d1a7a3d175de54c74869c0d19f290e6 by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: Use C99 flexible array members instead of zero length arrays

d35ccc1f591e97b7c0eac09b1eee2545603bf2e2 by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: Fix indentation in zfs_dbgmsg_t

9c8fabffa2b15a4ada570c8c469ff0709d00b003 by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: Replace oldstyle struct hack with C99 flexible array members

e6328fda2e5cb9644b54b797afb139a3b76dfd64 by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: !A || A && B is equivalent to !A || B

3b2f9c1ec81a0c7059a81f5b4ae1e8f6296c090b by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: Use MIN() macro

64195fc89fa542726c5a45a09f89ed8cc14d033b by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: Remove unneeded semicolons

4ef69de384838f9dab49fe2ed0caf453fa2aab1d by behlendorf1:
Cleanup: Use NULL when doing NULL pointer comparisons

d27c7ba62f32124df8c57b7a2e38cdf59c041521 by noreply:
Linux ppc64le ieee128 compat: Do not redefine __asm on external headers

a0276f70480c7341ad3ebdf04dfe97e3f5e71182 by behlendorf1:
zpool-set: update usage text

7a85f58db6c8a80cabd42d608fd5f5b8d7c301c6 by behlendorf1:
zpool-set: print error message when pool or vdev is not valid

07281f7d13efc1fd9450f601dd621f49ce17fe7b by noreply:
CI: Reclaim space after package operations

60f86a2bfaddd42d75af775503c40943e471bc53 by noreply:
ZTS: Annotate additonal flaky test cases

2e7f664f04bae4375ab6bebf232983b2326c9370 by noreply:
Cleanup of dead code suggested by Clang Static Analyzer (#14380)

19d3961589bdedb24e245a1e12db758f2d96ff86 by noreply:
Use setproctitle to report progress of zfs send

68c0771cc9d3ef06ab3165c1c3fee4169a69854d by noreply:
Unify Assembler files between Linux and Windows

a379083d9f2bb9dd80f4636e593bcb2c1d94d11b by noreply:
Man: fix defaults for zfs_dirty_data_max_max

c6dab6dd39214d587c7013e8c6dfeb085e3eb41c by noreply:
Fix unprotected zfs_znode_dmu_fini

7c30100c0047a0a3f489e28197cb641fc1a6f737 by behlendorf1:
Avoid passing an uninitialized index to dsl_prop_known_index

ebabb93e6c6e1849173206874a1543d8161225ab by behlendorf1:
Micro-optimize dsl_prop_get_dd()

856cefcd1c57da665e1690786a8be011ce7e4fa2 by noreply:
Cleanup ->dd_space_towrite should be unsigned

63267f7f77b0205bab435822c5df629d1018ad69 by noreply:
zfs_receive_one: Check for the more likely error first

71974946be7efbb7f266416022df0e7acde2aa44 by noreply:
Fix reading uninitialized variable in receive_read

f091db924883ef4a053d3619e0af6ff05956ae8c by noreply:
free_blocks(): Fix reports from 2016 PVS Studio FreeBSD report

69f024a56e25e9d1a220f9fa35e46c235aa5bf03 by noreply:
Configure zed's diagnosis engine with vdev properties

73968defdd0f85489ca97c4c75522bad704a74e9 by noreply:
Reject streams that set ->drr_payloadlen to unreasonably large values

37a27b430612b231edc1ae1ba41910c0f87ac3db by noreply:
Wait for txg sync if the last DRR_FREEOBJECTS might result in a hole

58ca7b10119b67e25161e43a2ad74deda483468b by behlendorf1:
IPC: blake3 x86 asm: fix placement of .size directives

037e4f25367aaefb68f3c3a67e4c737de420727f by behlendorf1:
x86 asm: Replace .align with .balign

0f740a4f1dd444fb961e9070a3eb5d3bc68a03b3 by noreply:
Introduce minimal ZIL block commit delay

9cd71c8604d52def22ffaddc35755712f0fb9349 by noreply:
linux 6.2 compat:  zpl_set_acl arg2 is now struct dentry

da52fc464a4c80fdbed551824064d203831b4e7b by ceri:
ipfw.8:	there never was a "skip-action" action

The failed test cases:

4 tests failed.
FAILED:  usr.sbin.etcupdate.preworld_test.main

Error Message:
Returned non-success exit status 1

FAILED:  sys.aio.aio_test.aio_socket_blocking_short_write

Error Message:
Test case body timed out

FAILED:  sys.aio.aio_test.aio_socket_blocking_short_write_vectored

Error Message:
Test case body timed out

FAILED:  sys.aio.aio_test.aio_socket_short_write_cancel

Error Message:
/usr/src/tests/sys/aio/aio_test.c:1396: aio_error(&iocb) == EINPROGRESS not met