FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #19888 - Fixed

From: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 21:49:42 UTC
FreeBSD-main-amd64-test - Build #19888 (483a226238ed8949c6d280ae0757a0683962a74b) - Fixed

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857c66bb5f3c5651b012beb1b5ea6ba39354ea94 by bapt:
bsddialog: import snapshot as of 2021-11-24

fde3fc69cda865dc65b547411157b3ca7674c5dd by bapt:
ncurses: to not create a libncursesw.a in the OBJDIR

a46722b580567799b484b5a81728eaf380777e04 by bapt:
ncurses: register formw as usable lib for LIBADD

37d0601f4273810f69440469e6b5625130bbc899 by bapt:
bsddialog: import new TUI widget and utility

f872dde34c6af8c27e16905ebfdb62cddb4c35ba by bapt:
tzsetup: replace libdialog with libbsddialog

6ea39dd6c73b9667bfa7540d3b26295213105871 by bapt:
tzsetup: remove dedundant declaration

24b05d7a6190292f62488aa4d7de86246a09467c by bapt:
kbdmap: use libbsddialog instead of calling dialog(1) via system(3)

7d51283f700cb6f43f3293c40a8fcab3854c5fc1 by bapt:
partedit: cleanup headers

848ee2a3a8b47c9905fc51fefcf60eb371edbb98 by bapt:
bsddialog: actually add directories

1cd0117ff6a147d5979ebf736afe00c6d4287f2d by bapt:
ncurses: libform is installed as libformw

169e06fa7852810f4ced2cce7a3c14ca9443bf39 by 0mp:
os-release: Quote variables as documented in the manual

dd978721a223e3f9d35a7be5407c52a281fcec8f by andrew:
Remove redundant declarations

3ff041945054e692672f506a2448d1200133032d by andrew:
Fix bracketing in the arm64 minidump code

5abafe4aa0b82a3ce96425b016641324c290a8b4 by bapt:
bsddialog, mark the lib as dependent on ncurses

1caaf5558544ad672dc7b0e70a2492cdcc5e362e by mjg:
32-bit compat: plug a set-but-not-unused var in freebsd32_copy_msg_out

3279341dc541cfc730c80b8dd29ae9a6cd106325 by mjg:
aesni: plug a set-but-not-unused var in aesni_newsession

cfe94aa8c117f3b8fa6cc69ed5a5093ea3cb959f by mjg:
agp: plug a set-but-not-unused var in agp_intel_gtt_map_memory

ab9d2f02a098aad38bb2e04edb22a33294c18ac0 by mjg:
amd_ecc_inject: return an error instead of ignoring it in tsc_modevent

e052f72691088229c34e8f908593319c413b2a10 by mjg:
alc: plug a set-but-not-unused var in alc_init_locked

05ea7a3e5e748547a0229efa80be0e71eaf84f52 by bz:
net80211: fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings

f29f6b2e1fc93ea68171f6c974ffe654232d09ca by mav:
ichsmb: Add PCI IDs for Intel Alder Lake SMBus controller

1c55b0ce1c944c0b1b7657b7efa151cd25a74f5b by bz:
std.nodebug: turn off net80211 debugging as well

b194db935565d58392c21906419cbd99a5ecc0c3 by imp:
sys/acct.h: Add sys/types.h include

242d6201a6c840a68dc19b0df1157568751e1391 by imp:
sys/alq.h: Kernel only file, mark as such

fde1edaae7f05f753f3d0787744bcb466b634e7b by imp:
sys/disk/*.h: Include sys/types.h

d69b6fa5b449422b217aad22a81f3e3ec8dd6894 by imp:
sys/ata.h: Include sys/types.h

9be3985f6501034f15b220fd1ce16a8cdc011f6a by imp:
sys/backlight.h: include sys/types.h

00dbcdbe0a5af49d76711a48a84a720ab4243a57 by imp:
sys/uuid.h: Include sys/types.h

09100f936be0684aa8caef441b96345960fd9c72 by markj:
netinet: Remove in_cksum_update()

5195bcc2126b302802643f5204d1030e5893fb62 by markj:
netinet: Remove in_cksum.c

ecbbe831445a4b94279e5932828d60076e4ca444 by markj:
netinet: Deduplicate most in_cksum() implementations

0d9c3423f59bb305301f5a5bc7c8f5daf7b7aa52 by markj:
netinet: Implement in_cksum_skip() using m_apply()

44775b163bfa902ea96658343e852062e2e67a8e by markj:
netinet: Remove unneeded mb_unmapped_to_ext() calls

517373f7230207e60e4561bc44c8b3c44acea963 by markj:
natd: Remove uneeded in_cksum.h includes

60c95f316374fdd383f70b50e98ad097460accf3 by markj:
safexcel: Fix -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings

d9ed1dcc5c6894e376e6e4ef6f2554dd056baf4e by mw:
acpi: Fix error code returned in acpi_bus_get_prop

45c09a74d681cfcad0a556b753cd56f6084ace46 by markj:
vm_fault: Move nera into faultstate

f1b642c255a2931fd793219d11562310a2ce49c8 by markj:
vm_fault: Introduce a fault_status enum for internal return types

d47d3a94bb2d873b1c3a5cdfe9cc00e4619f649b by markj:
vm_fault: Factor out per-object operations into vm_fault_object()

483a226238ed8949c6d280ae0757a0683962a74b by emaste:
Add ncurses/form to _prebuild_libs to fix build