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Gábor Kövesdán gabor at
Fri Mar 13 13:28:27 PDT 2009

Ivan Voras escribió:
> 2009/3/13 Gábor Kövesdán <gabor at>:
>>> Nice!  I need to find some time to learn how to use NLS.
>>> Now, you only need to revive the BSD-licensed libiconv[1].  :)  I am
>>> kidding;  I do not want to start adding more stuff to your plate.  Thank you
>>> for strengthening FreeBSD's i18n support.
>>> Out of curiosity, how does enabling NLS in libc interact with the
>>> devel/gettext port?
>> Well, it's not a bad idea, actually I'm thinking of generating some more
>> catalogs automatically but the problem is that we don't have iconv in the
>> base system. For example, we could easily make a hu_HU.UTF-8 catalog from
>> hu_HU.ISO8859-2 by just converting the encoding of the catalog file. And the
>> same applies to a bunch of locales...
> This only glances the original topic, but Konrad (konrad@,
> konrad.jankowski at was doing UTF-8 collation support and
> it appears that the project is very close to completion but for a few
> months now Konrad is busy with RL stuff and has postponed it. Maybe
> you could benefit from his work and also bring it in?
I can gladly review it but I'm not more competent in this area than 
Konrad, actually I'm not even a src committer, so my review won't be 

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