svn commit: r189765 - in head: . lib/libc lib/libc/nls

David Schultz das at FreeBSD.ORG
Fri Mar 13 11:22:07 PDT 2009

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009, Sean C. Farley wrote:
> Now, you only need to revive the BSD-licensed libiconv[1].  :)
>   1.

I asked a few weeks ago on standards@ why we weren't using Citrus
iconv, which is what NetBSD uses, and seems to be in a somewhat
better state than this. It also provides various wide character
conversion routines that overlap with what tjr@ has already done
in FreeBSD, so we'd have to sort that out. And we'd have to sort
out a gazillion ports that want -liconv.

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