svn commit: r212964 - head/sys/kern

Attilio Rao attilio at
Tue Sep 21 15:48:24 UTC 2010

2010/9/21 Andriy Gapon <avg at>:
> on 21/09/2010 18:27 Andriy Gapon said the following:
>> on 21/09/2010 18:17 mdf at said the following:
>>> I'd recommend using stack_print_ddb(), as that avoids any locking
>>> which may hang depending on how the kernel panic'd.
>> It seems that stack_print_ddb() depends on DDB?
> But the point about locking is very good.
> How do you suggest we can deal with it?
> A dirty hack would be to check panicstr in linker_search_symbol_name and avoid
> locking, but I don't like that at all.
> Perhaps, some code in subr_stack.c could be taken outside DDB ifdef?

It heavilly depends on DDB, I'd say to just leave as the code is now.


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