modular x11 and mousie buttons

Florent Thoumie flz at
Thu Jan 4 07:23:51 PST 2007

Howard Goldstein wrote:
> A huge thank you Florent and other contributors for the impressive,
> successful, and I know strenuous effort on getting the modular
> moved into freebsd.  Wow!  As you all know, it works fine under
> the i386 6.2RC2 with the nvidia stuff.  Everything works flawlessly
> (I'm usually no more than a day being the stuff you push to the git
> xorg origin)
> Wanted to ping Florent specifically on two things and your email
> bounces with a 4xx don't like you.

First thought it was greylisting, but greylisting gives 2xx errors. That
kinda sucks :-/

> You indicated on your
> blog in a November entry something about the input drivers all being
> borked except for keyboard, mouse, and evdev.  The last one has me
> interested even though it's a linux device since I was hoping to
> exploit its functionality to take advantage of these cool extra mouse
> buttons.  Is evdev supposed to work on our freebsd machines?  I think
> I read it wrong.

I have no clue about evdev. Input drivers used to be broken cause I
updated xorg-server to a 1.2.x version (which isn't supposed to be
stable before 7.3). I rolled back to the right stable version and stuff
got fixed at the same time.

> Assuming it isn't supposed to work I would volunteer to assist in the
> effort to support these extra mice buttons.  Would you be the contact
> person to send patches to?  I'm assuming evdev shouldn't work but if
> it does, someone please let me know so I don't reinvent the wheel.

Please send your patches upstream, and keep Eric (anholt@) CC'ed as he
is our resident developer.

Florent Thoumie
flz at
FreeBSD Committer

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