problem with matrox + lcd

Roman Y. Bogdanov sam at
Wed Jul 28 01:49:13 PDT 2004

>>   I cannot connect my new LCD the monitor (Acer AL1731) to a videocard
>>   matrox g550 on vga and dvi output. If I start x the monitor deduces the
>>   message "sync is out of range 1280x1024x24hz".

e> automatically detect hardware and make a working configuration.  all you
e> have to do is move (remove or rename) xorg.conf.  when xorg doesn't find

 Yes, certainly I so did. First at me have been user Xfree 4.3. After
 search in google I have found the decision where at the person has
 runned 17 " proview + matrox + dvi when it was updated on xorg.

 After that I install xorg on my homebox.

 Thanks for your advice!

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