[XFree86] Radeon 9200 256MB Produces Garbled Screen With CVS Version Of XFree86

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Sat Jan 24 05:06:47 PST 2004

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Should this be cc'd to the list?

>Two things:
>1)How did you build the XFree86 taken from CVS?

I checked it out:

CVSROOT=anoncvs at anoncvs.xfree86.org:/cvs
checkout xc

I read the instructions and compiled it like this:

cd xc
make World
make install
make install.man

>2)Have you tried the XFree86 -configure command to auto-generate
>configuration file?

Yes, it says:

(WW) RADEON: No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:2:0:1)

but this is the secondary device on the card, right?

(EE) RADEON(0): V_BIOS address 0x0 out of range

OK, so this memory address looks somewhat suspicious, but I don't know
much about video memory, it could start at 0x0 couldn't it? Or does FreeBSD
map all memory as one flat memory including the video memory?

But anyway, it generates the following, relevent config info:

Driver "ati"
VendorName "ATI Technologies Inc"
BoardName "Radeon RV280 [Radeon 9200]"
BusID "PCI:2:0:0"

But running it with the new file causes the machine to hang.

Actually, something wierd has started happening too, ever since I started
trying to get this card to work my machine hangs for about a minute on
bootup when it gets to the line:

Configuring syscons: keymap font8x16 font8x8 blanktime screensaver.

But I'm almost certain this never happened before I started messing with
the card. But this obviously isn't apparantly critical to the operation
of the machine, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

>> Anyway, if anyone can help me try and get this card working, I
>> greatly appreciate your help. If I can't get it working, then
>I regret
>> that I will have to sell the card and by a different one. Ideally
>>  I would like to use this card as it has a nice 256MB Ram, and
>was good
>> value for money.
>> Or, if this card is dead, and is unlikely to be supported in the
>> futur. Can anyone recommend a good substitute that will work on
>I think your card will be completely supported in the imminent new
>XFree86 relese as you can see here

I hope so, I mean, they shouldn't really claim that it is supported if
it isn't should they? But I suppose this doesn't apply to the CVS version,
 only the official release. So hopefully it will work.

Thanks for your response anyway


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