Panic on connecting external harddrive

Ben Stuyts ben at
Wed Feb 13 11:05:45 PST 2008


On 13 Feb 2008, at 18:36, Ben Stuyts wrote:

> I'm trying, but I can't get a crashdump. I have dumpdev in rc.conf  
> set to my swap partition, and during booting it correctly says it  
> will dump to that device. My swap is 4 GB and I have 4 GB memory,  
> but doing the math it should fit.

Here is something really odd: For debugging I had

options         KDB
options         DDB
options         GDB

in my kernel conf. To find out why it would not dump, I removed DDB  
and GDB, and now it has gotten a lot harder to panic the system. If I  
plug or unplug the USB drive slowly, I get the usual connect/ 
disconnect messages and no panic. Only when I connect and then around  
3 s later unplug, I get a panic. This is while the connect message  
comes by on the screen. (Ok, maybe I'm asking for it at that point.)

How could the inclusion of DDB/GDB affect the USB subsystem? Some odd  
timing problem? (And still no way to create a crashdump...)

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