Sysinstall for just installing?

Bruce Cran bruce at
Thu May 27 16:57:38 UTC 2010

On 27/05/2010 09:27, Tobias Eriksson wrote:
> I've been thinking a bit about sysinstall.
> What do we really want to do with it?
> See, the way I use sysinstall is just to install my system, I never use it
> after an install, so to me it seems pointless having it on there after I
> have my system up and going. Of course this is just me, maybe many out
> there use sysinstall daily.
> What I'm getting at is that maybe sysinstall should be more tailored to
> just installing: make it more straightforward to the user. Start with
> setting up the keyboard and language, then maybe the NIC menu as described
> in earlier posts, and then move on to partitioning and package installing.
> Is it just me that thinks like this, or do you have similar thoughts?

It seems to be recommended to only use it for installing, and to use 
other tools for post-configuration: for example the partitioning section 
has been copied out into usr.sbin/sade. It should definitely be more 
straightforward, without the baffling list of options and settings: for 
example I had a discussion with someone recently who rightly thought 
that users shouldn't have to go into the FixIt menu when they've already 
loaded the LiveFS CD - it should be more or less automatic.

Whether this gets fixed is another matter: apparently one of the 
discussions at BSDCan was about having the PC-BSD installer be the 
primary method for installing 9.0, with FreeBSD's sysinstall being 
available if users need it.

Bruce Cran

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