mfi(4) endless loop kernel output on attach

pluknet pluknet at
Thu Oct 15 15:16:25 UTC 2009

2009/10/15 John Baldwin <jhb at>:
> On Thursday 15 October 2009 5:51:19 am pluknet wrote:
>> Hi.
>> This is 7.2-R. Seen on IBM x3650M2.
>> During the boot I get those endless looping kernel messages while on
>> mfi(4) attach phase.
>> It's getting more odd since 7.2 booted and worked fine on exactly this
>> server model
>> months ago (on different box though).. Any hints?
> We just had some boxes die like this (but spewing a different loop of messages
> on boot related to continuously scheduling patrol reads and consistency
> checks that finished immediately) at work.  We fixed them by swapping out the
> controller.  We might try stick them in a different box and reflashing them
> using mfiutil(8) to see if it's some sort of corrupted state that flashing
> the adapter fixes.
> In your case it looks lik the firmware keeps crashing and restarting.

Probably it is. Though clearing logs helped me.


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