iwn driver on 7.1 [no vaps in RELENG_7]

Brandon Gooch jamesbrandongooch at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 18:57:45 PST 2009

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 7:38 PM, Damian Gerow <dgerow at afflictions.org> wrote:
> Sam Leffler wrote:
> : OTOH iwn is now out of date and someone needs to update it.  There's
> : newer firmware that is supposed to fix many of the bugs I hit when I
> : worked on the driver (and Intel refused to acknowledge) and obsd has
> : added support for newer parts that people want.  It'd be great if
> : someone wanted to take over this driver.
> I've been working on this driver for the past few weeks (Christmas provided
> a healthy distraction), but it's a steep learning curve for a novice C
> coder.  If anyone wants to work on this, let me know, as I have a small
> portion of the work already done.
>  - Damian
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I'd like to work on this as well. I just pulled down the iwn code from
OpenBSD current a little while ago and started hacking on it. I
haven't made a lot of progress, so I'll gladly work with you on it.

I'm a decent C programmer, but my lack of knowledge of kernel
internals, functions, and data structures is my stumbling block.
That's one of the main reasons I'm all about getting this driver
working -- it gives me yet another chance to get into the kernel
source and learn something new.

Where do we begin?

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