Using FreeBSD Update to deploy system updates from custom builds

Tom Judge tom at
Tue Jan 13 21:21:39 PST 2009


I was wondering if anyone was using freebsd-update to manage deployment 
of custom FreeBSD builds to there systems.

Here is the scenario, I have 2 binary build servers at the moment (one 
for i386 and one for amd64) and currently we stage the deployments of 
updates on NFS servers at each site.  We use make installworld/kernel to 
update the servers from read only src and obj NFS mounts.

I'm now looking to remove the src trees from the NFS servers and 
possibly the obj trees and use freebsd-update to deploy and maintain the 
custom build installation and updates.

So I have 2 questions:

    1) Does this seem sensible?  It seems within scope of what 
freebsd-update was designed to do.

    2) How does one go about building the binary distributions that 
freebsd-update expects to be on the update server?



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