make buildworld is always braking at various points

Andrei Kolu antik at
Mon Jan 8 11:05:20 UTC 2007

On Sunday, 7. January 2007 20:08, Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-Jan-07 17:44:24 +0100, Christoph Illnar wrote:
> >I keep having troubles compiling either 6.1-RELEASE and 6.2-RC2.
> >I downloaded sources, extracted them with and did a cvsup.
> >
> >My installed system is 6.1-RELEASE and I keep trying to compile it on my
> >own.
> Is the failure consistent?  I suspect you may have bad RAM.
> >===> lib/libpthread (all)
> >
[.......... lines suppressed ......]

> >make: don't know how to make
> >/usr/src.lib/libpthread/arch/i386/include/pthread_md.h. Stop
> >*** Error code 2
> Note that:
> 1) "/usr/src.lib/" does not normally exist;
> 2)  "." and "/" differ by 1 bit;
> 3) The cc line shows "-I/usr/src/lib/libpthread/arch/i386/include";
> 4) Compiling thr_condattr_init.c uses the same #include sequence to
>    successfully load "pthread_md.h";
> 5) None of the test build boxes are reporting any problems.
> Please try running a memory test, or swapping your RAM.
I got similar problem with "faulty" PSU- Chieftec 410W. Memtest accepted RAM 
sticks- not a single error within 24h but when I started writing something 
onto raid then system rebooted randomly with various error messages. Changed 
PSU and all problems was gone. Same Chieftec 410W PSU works fine with other 

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