System reset trying to configure Sybase server (databases/sybase_ase)

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Fri Jun 9 03:20:52 UTC 2006


I installed the databases/sybase_ase port on the FreeBSD/amd64 system running 

The install went fine, and trying to run the 
	su sybase
	cd ${PREFIX}/sybase-ase

progresses fine for some time, until the system resets :-( The last messages 
out of it are:

	Running task: boot the Sybase Server. 
	Task succeeded: boot the Sybase Server. 
	Running task: create the sybsystemprocs database. 
	sybsystemprocs database created. 
	Task succeeded: create the sybsystemprocs database. 
	Running task: install system stored procedures. 

It does not try to make a kernel dump (dumpdev configured), it does not log 
anything in the last second (log messages sent to another system). Just a 
very quick system reset... And I saw it happen 4 times already -- in the same 

The Sybase binaries are 32-bit Linux, but they run as a non-privileged user 
``sybase'' (created by the port).

How could it possibly be doing such damage? Thanks!


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