My FreeBSD 6.1 installed machine is haunted...

Naoyuki Tai ntai at
Fri Jul 28 22:13:08 UTC 2006


I installed a i386 FreeBSD 6.1 to a brand new machine,
CPU: Athlon 64 2GHz
MB: BIOSTAR T-series TForce 6100-939

It installed fine, works fine for a while (15 - 20 minutes),
then all of sudden, the machine goes down. It's not a freeze.
It prints out something (which I cannot read) and turns itself
off. Maybe it's trying to do sleep.

The machine, then trys to start up. The fan spins, disk spins
up, then stops again. Then, fans spins, disk spins, then
stops again. It repeats the spin up and down a few times,
and finally it stops.

It is quite amusing, and looks like the machine is haunted.

I reboot the machine. It runs for some time, and then does
the same thing. It runs about 15minutes or so. Maybe longer,
maybe shorter, but, it's long enough to do some operation.

If I disable ACPI in the BIOS, it keeps running.
If I enable ACPI in BIOS, but choose disable ACPI option
for the boot, it keeps running.

However, when I did acpiconf -s 1, it fails to sleep, citing
that an USB is not willing to go sleep.

I ended up giving up on 6.1, and reinstalled with 5.5.
This works just fine.

So, why does the machine act so oddly when I install 6.1?
I don't have a strong reason to install 6.1, but, would be
nice if I could use the keyboard multiplexing as I use
USB KVM and would be very handy to have it.

Naoyuki "Tai" Tai, ntai a t smartfruit d o t com

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