Device polling for xl(4) (was: Re: ULE status)

Simon Barner barner at
Thu Feb 10 06:53:15 PST 2005

[ Cc'ing Bill Paul, the author of the xl(4) driver ]

> Also, as far as I understand, some extra boost comes
> from using polling the devices; however, not all
> devices do support this yet.
> I use SMP (dual intel CPUs) with if_xl lan card,
> but I can't use polling with this device.
> ULE + polling would be a great performance gain,
> I believe.
> Any plans of extending polling support to more
> devices?

Are there any hidden obstacles that prevent xl(4) to be extended with
polling support? Otherwise, if it's rather straightforward to do
(taking a driver already supporting polling(4)), I could try it starting
from the end of February. But, I guess if it were so easy, somebody else
would have already done it...

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