Sysinstall automatic filesystem size generation.

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Aug 29 21:48:30 GMT 2005

J. T. Farmer wrote:
> Chuck Swiger wrote:
>> Matthias Buelow wrote:
>>> Yes, indeed, and I don't want to reopen that issue since that would
>>> lead to no new insights (and since I don't have the time atm. to
>>> contribute anything I couldn't provide any stuff myself).
>> Yet you seem willing to spend time discussing the matter...?
> Matthias went on to say in a very simple manner by he thought
> a quick note was warranted.  You don't agree.

I think this matter is documented now.

I think it could be documented elsewhere or in more detail if someone wanted to 
do so, but that involves someone pointing to a specific manpage or section of 
the handbook, and submitting language.

The people on freebsd-doc can help, deal with mdoc or Docbook formatting, etc.

> Why don't the two of you talk about it in private email?

I am willing to end the discussion if there is nothing productive to say.

> Matthias is right.

Matthias is right about what?  My goodness, you also are aware of people 
talking about softupdates in comparison to journalled filesystems often?

> It's been hashed out on the lists multiple times and
> neither side is willing to change.

I've suggested a change to the sysctl's governing the syncer's timing, which 
ought to have a noticable impact on the issues Matthias has brought up. 
Feedback is welcome.

(I generally am happy to look into changes and see if they are improvements.)

> At this point, it's become a "Did to!  Did not!  Did to...." argument
> between children.  So like good children, go to your rooms and don't
> bother Mommy... 

You're awarded -1 karma for the patronizing tone.
Feel free to read other threads if you don't like what I have to say.


PS: Please refrain from stating my position for me, JT.
I'd be happier if you quoted what I said and disagreed honestly with it.

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