4.10 boot hang

doug at safeport.com doug at safeport.com
Tue May 18 16:12:09 PDT 2004

The PC hardware is a dell Inspiron 7500 running the 4.10 ISO. A straight boot
hangs. If I break the boot at the 'hit any key message', the system boots fine.
If I remove the NIC, a 3Com Megahertz card, model 3XXE589ET, the system boots

Thinking this was an irq 5 problem, I have configured the kernel to include
'device pcm' and loaded the correct sound driver in /boot/loader.conf. After all
this the system still hangs during boot if the card is in. The card uses the ep

With the old kernel, adding pccard_enable="YES" did not change any of the above.

That the background now the questions:

  1) Is there any place I can go to figure out how to add an entry to
     pccard.conf from the dumpcis output?

  2) Are there design reasons that pccardd can find the card in
     /etc/defaults/pccard.conf and the regular boot process does not?

I also tried removing irq 5 from the pool of dynamically assigned irq's. Either I
did that incorrectly or that too had no effect. Interrupting the boot process at
the loader interface makes everything work (as does removing the card). I do not
know enough about the boot process to make use of that information.

The system (pc and NIC) all works in current, however I could not get XFree86
running and could not work around that problem at all as it was (effectively) a
hard stop in the X server with no logging done at all.

I am happy to supply more information.

Douglas Denault
doug at safeport.com
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