Dell PE750 w/SATA

ØyvinHalfdan Thuv oyvinht at
Wed Jun 16 17:53:50 GMT 2004

I'm planning to set up a system as described below, but I want to hear if anyone
else on this list has had any experience with a similar setup before I put it
into production use.

It is a Dell PE750 with:

- Celeron 2,4 GHz/128 kB
- 512 MB ECC DDR (400 MHz) RAM
- 2 x 120 GB SATA HD (I plan to mirror)
- CERC SATA RAID Controller (6 channel) 
- C04 STAR1, Add-in CERC SATA RAID cntlr RAID 1 
- Adaptec SCSI 39160 controller

The SCSI controller is for a PV100T DAT72 external backup tape drive.

I plan to run the following services:

- firewalling (for this computer and a win-box behind it)
- mail (qmail, possisble multidomain)
- SQL database (for mail accounts)
- samba fileserver (for a windows box that servers webpages (asp-stuff))
- dns (tinydns, just a few domains, zone-transfer to secondary provided by ISP)
- backup service to DAT tape (amanda?)
- some monitoring (like mrtg and stuff)

I need uptime (no backup mail-server here..), so it should be possible to hot-
swap the SATA disks (I have only SCSI experience, never tried SATA before).

I would like advice wheter to select 4.10 or 5.2.1 (is acpi working well on
this one?). Any experience is also greatly appreciated, I'm also open for
reccomendations on software/hardware adjustments).


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